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E-Mail has become a free source of revenue for wealthy and well organised criminal organisations diligently targeting the business use of open correspondence. They deploy many methods, but currently the two favourites are;

  • The hacker monitors all e-mails for financial transactions and at the last minute e-mails recipients with a change of payment details.
  • The harvesting of personal information for sale to support other scams.

E-Mail has become essential an essential business tool. But if it contains any financial information, or personal data, then it is simply no longer safe to send it as open text. Any business that continues to do so is taking a massive risk that either they or their clients will suffer loss. The consequence of that could also cause reputational risk well in excess of the loss.

Satswana provides comprehensive protection, authenticating the recipient, making the text unreadable in transit, and checking that nothing has been changed before allowing it to be opened. You do not change your email address, or anything else. You can continue to send non sensitive emails as you always did. It costs less than a postage stamp which is nothing compared to the risk of loss.

By deploying secure email you protect your client, and yourself, whilst continuing to enjoy the business benefits of modern communication. Not doing so is like walking through a minefield, hoping that you will not tread on a mine. Of course you might be lucky – for a while – but how many times will you remain lucky? And what if it is your client that gets blown up?

Costs are as little as £10 per month. When it costs your client nothing to receive a secure email, then would you not protect them?

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private professional enterprise
(+10 users)
Write regimail / license 10 regimails / month 200 regimails / month 200+ regimails / month
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Read regimail, regibill, regipay
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Prices (click each option for details)

Free, supported with advertising

Free includes:-

  • Ability to send 5 regimails per month
  • Unlimited incoming regimails
  • Apps for iOs and Android
  • Clients for MS Outlook, Thunderbird & Notes
Personally, monthly: £6 per user per month
Personal includes everything in Free plus;
  • Ability to send 30 regimails per month
  • Priority support
  • Free of any advertising
  • Unread reminder
  • Read notification
  • Transaction history

£6 per user per month (inc VAT)

Professional monthly: £12 per user per month
Professional includes everything in Free plus;
  • Ability to send 200 regimails per month
  • Priority support
  • Free of any advertising
  • Unread reminder
  • Read notification
  • Transaction history

£12 per user per month (inc VAT)

Professional annual: £100

Professional Annual is the same as Professional Monthly except for the financial benefits of paying for 12 months service in advance.

£100 Billed 12 month in advance (inc VAT)

Professional enterprise

More than 10 users in your organisation?

Traditional e-mail has the confidentiality level of a postcard. Any actor involved in its transport can easily read it. Regimail offers a way to transform your e-mail into a confidential and auditable electronic letter. This works using your existing e-mail address and neither Regimail nor any third party has access or can store the content of your e-mail. 

After registering with Satswana you can read and write Regimails on the web portal (no software download necessary) or you can use the easy-to-install client software. The software is available as an add-in for Windows (Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird), as a standalone version for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as an App for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and BlackBerry (up to Version 7.1). These options ensure that you can use Regimail as you prefer. 

The regify.satswana model

Step 1: Sending 

The Regify technology encrypts your e-mail (message text, attachments) and compresses it before sending it via yours and the addressee’s e-mail providers as an ordinary e-mail with an attachment. This attachment is a Regify file with the encrypted contents of your original e-mail. the respective encryption key is transmitted secured and encrypted to the Regify data clearing service via Satswana. 

Step 2: Receiving 

In alignment with the Regify data clearing service, Satswana ensures that the recipient is the right person and will transfer the key. As a result, the recipient can open the Regify file and is able to display or store its contents. this is as simple as, for example, opening a pdf file with Acrobat Reader. 

Step 3: Confirmation of receipt 

When the key is delivered and the file opened the clearing service sends a notification to Satswana which generates an independent email confirmation to the sender. 

The Regify service protects messages from unauthorized access and renders e-mails trusted and binding thereby providing security and trust in business communication. For the sender of a binding Regify e-mail, the sending process is as straightforward as is the receiving process for the addressee of such personal e-mail. Of course, neither the sender nor the user have to change anything with their existing e-mail service. 

The Regify service protects messages from unauthorized access and renders e-mails trusted and binding thereby providing security and trust in business communication. For the sender of a binding Regify e-mail, the sending process is as straightforward as is the receiving process for the addressee of such personal e-mail. Of course, neither the sender nor the user have to change anything with their existing e-mail service. 

  • Turns normal e-mail into a secure electronic letter
  • Saves up to 75 % of the cost and time when compared to a physical letter
  • Works with any e-mail address
  • Ensures traceability, creates audit trail through confirmation of receipt
  • Can be traced online via the Regify transaction register
  • Makes ordinary e-mail compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • Integrates into daily business life, e.g. into existing e-mail solutions
  • Can be used on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry and Android

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Case Study

Volksbank Kaiserslautern-Nordwestpfalz eG
Headquarters: Kaiserslautern
Employees: > 170 (2013)

Industry sector



  • Launch a secure, confidential solution for digital mail and letters that is in line with the law
  • Motivate users to work with the new service


  • Meeting minimum legal requirements regarding risk management (MaRisk)
  • Secure e-mail communication with commercial and retail customers and for internal use


  • Launch of regimail, the solution for confidential and binding e-mail communication


  • Warrants of integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and binding character of electronic communication
  • Secure end to end encryption
  • Application is easy to use for customers
  • Worldwide usability
  • Mobile use (Blackberry)
  • Value for money

Reasons for choosing Regify

  • Easy integration to existing e-mail infrastructure
  • Very low investment (no need for additional hardware)

This briefing is intended to assist those considering adopting the Satswana secure email service.

Hi, we want you to know how great this product is, and why it is the absolute answer to making your email secure from hackers and fraudsters. You will just want to know that it works and what is so special about it, so we will try and cover that – rather than talking techy, we hope that will help you use our product and keep your email safe. (You want the tech? OK, read the second paper!!).

We all love using email, but if we send sensitive personal or financial information without any protection there is an army of criminals trying to benefit by reading your stuff, you will know the problem.

The most important part of the answer to us is that it has to be easy to use, with the minimum of complication, and without requiring any specialist training. We expect you to find that this is so. Yes, you have to download an app, and if you choose to send the mail securely, then you have to press a different button from your ordinary mail, but that is it. The same for the receiver, it is as simple as that.

You use whatever email you are used to, with the email address you have always used, no changes there – of course you can also get it on your Apple, Blackberry or Android phone as well. Want to read the mail in a browser, you can do that too.

What we are doing is to make it impossible for your email to be read on its journey, and when it arrives we check that it is the same as when it left you, having made certain that the recipient is the person you intended to get it. We send you a receipt, so you know it got there safely.

The way we do it, we ourselves can never read your mail, nor do we ever hold the “key” that decodes it, nor do we store a copy, so we can never compromise your data or give it to anybody else – even a lawful authority has to get the content from either you or the receiver, we just do not have it, we only provide the security mechanism.

Please click here if you would like to register for a free trial, and thank you for your interest.


Regify, the technical bit....

The purpose of this document is to give experts an insight into our products technical features.

Briefly, we encrypt (and compress together with all attachments) the data at the generating source and send the document to our portal where the (also encrypted) key is stripped off and forwarded to our independent Government owned registrar in Luxembourg. Note please that we cannot open the document, nor do we store it, the email only is sent on to the recipient. This has several benefits over the gateway server option that holds the data, and encrypts it etc. First, we cannot be compromised as a consequence, secondly the data is absolutely encrypted end to end, thirdly we are unable to respond to any regulatory request for a copy, and finally if anything happened to our business, then you would still have absolute access to both your data and service.

We should stress that the registered email address is visibly authenticated, to optional levels, including multi factor SMS confirmation of identity so that only a properly registered address can receive the file based on a standard SSL connection. It cannot be opened without the request – which operates transparently to the user, all they have to do to read the mail is click a button (once they have registered and downloaded the app – or choose to read it in a browser). In practice this request sends a “fingerprint” of the document to the registrar, and provided it matches (proving that the document has not been tampered with) then the key is returned to automatically open the email, which also generates a receipt for the sender providing proof of delivery. Note please that neither sender, receiver, or indeed our service, ever know what this key is, so there is nothing for the customer to do, nor is an insider attack possible.

That is it in a nutshell, but we do have added bells and whistles, for example we can offer specific templates for invoices and payslips, and manage all services through a policy server if you wish. For those who use chat to negotiate we offer a non repudiable service, and similarly can offer collaborative document management with secure connections. If you wish you can white label the provision, just ask us please.

Now to provide you with even more detailed information, should you wish it.

The client setup installation includes the respective add-in for Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. For IBM Lotus Notes, a special mail template is made available. RIM Blackberry users can retrieve their add-in with their web browser and simply install it. Apps for iPhone/iPad and Android are available in the respective app stores. The add-in provides the seamless integration in the work environment of the user and the organisation, respectively.

Satwana ensures the quality of the clearing services by working with globally respected providers that act as a trusted, independent Third Party.The clearing services are operated in fully redundant mode and in at least two geographically separate locations. All data processed is completely anonymous. For the clearing provider, this means that it neither knows the sender nor the recipient (e-mail addresses are not available), nor has the clearing provider got access to the contents. Thus, abusive risks are minimised.

Our products rely on established and proven standards, algorithms and cryptographic components for the processing of transactions. The following international standards are applied:

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a symmetric algorithm used for encryption of the message (Regify file) and for securing the transfer of information between the customer software and Satswana. Currently, the bit length is 256 bit. The bit length can be configured to accommodate future requirements.

RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) is an asymmetric algorithm used to ensure secure communication between the client software and Satswana. It is also used for identity files. Currently, the bit length is 2048 bit. The bit length and algorithm can be configured to accommodate potential future requirements.

SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) is used to hash the message and to anonymise the e-mail addresses of an addressee to the clearing service. All SHA-2 algorithms inside the process use 256 bit. The bit length and algorithm can be configured to satisfy potential future requirements.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used by the HTTPS protocol for secure internet connections. Satswana uses an SSL certificate applying the RSA algorithm with a bit length of 2048 bit. Bit length can be configured to satisfy potential future requirements.

FIPS PUB 140-2 and NIST SP 800-90 compliant random number generator is used to generate keys for message encryption and for the creation of session keys. Session keys are used for the communication between the user and Satswana as well as for the transmission of the key between the clearing service and the user.

The services core intellectual properties (IP) are protected by international patents that provide a solid legal foundation and its international applicability. These patents also ensure lowest total-cost-of-ownership in the market (for users and providers alike) and global scalability of the business.

The service complements solutions that are compliant with digital signature laws as it can be used to securely transmit any document, which of course, includes documents that carry a ”digital signature“. The Regify service confirms the receipt of such a document and records it in an auditable manner, thereby providing additional evidence that complements solutions for digitally signed documents, it thereby increases the legal quality of any e-mail communication in any jurisdiction.

Given its end-to-end encryption, the services satisfy the legal requirements for data privacy and confidentiality. As a result, messages deliver on the major legal aspects of business communication being, first, guaranteed confirmation of receipt. By its very nature we provide indisputable proof of delivery (whether or not a message was opened). Ordinary solutions lack such clarity. Secondly, encrypted transmission where state-of-the-art encryption and end-to-end processes ensure that contents handled remain private between sender and addressee. Thirdly, the integrity of the contents is guaranteed since the system would recognise any manipulation and bring this to the attention of sender and addressee (by disabling the decryption of the manipulated content and notifying both parties). Finally, an auditable tracking log, since the web-based tracking log provides a user with the full audit trail of their transactions. The transaction history provides search functionality online.

It is important for all parties to recognise that the services are provided for use for lawful purposes only. They have been designed for global use in various jurisdictions. As individual laws and practices may require legal interception by authorised parties in order to be able to prosecute cases of abusive use, the solution enables Satswana to provide information under whatever laws, regulations and practices are applicable, thus ensuring that we are always legally compliant. An authorised party which has the right to legally intercept the communication must be in possession of the respective message. Assisted by Satswana, this party can then access the information of such a message and the clearing service will deliver the respective decryption key upon special request only. Please note that legal interception is an exceptional procedure between the clearing service and Satswana and will be recorded for reasons of auditability.

Many vendors narrowly define “secure e-mail” as encrypted e-mail, our comprehensive solution includes features such as confirmation of receipt and an auditable web-based tracking log of the transactions which elevates ordinary email to the level of a registered electronic letter. Our services make users more productive while ensuring security by automated processes.

Also, the separation of content transport and delivery and the management of security data automatically increases the level of security. Some solutions require hardware such as gateways, smart card readers and smart cards. Our simple email solution does not need any hardware, it was designed for any user of office software.


All content included in this document is protected by copyright laws. Microsoft Outlook and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc. Lotus Notes is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation. RIM® and Blackberry® are registered trademarks of Research in Motion Limited. iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Mozilla Thunderbird is a registered trademark of Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Regify is a registered trademarks of Regify S.A. The Regify technical procedures are protected by international patent rights.

The Satswana Team


What is the price of Regify?

Regify is a service for anyone requiring secure trusted e-communications. In the case of Regimail, the professional service will typically cost less than the price of a 1st class letter stamp. For customers that purchase a 12 month subscription in advance then the costs will be less than the equivalent price of a 2nd class stamp. It does not cost your customer anything to securely reply to a Regimail (limit of 5 per month). 

Which e-mail clients does Regify support?

At present, we support;

  • Microsoft Outlook from 2007 and later (32 Bit versions, 64 Bits beginning with Office 2013)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird from V3 and later
  • Lotus Notes from version 8.53 and later.
  • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android based systems.

There are also clients for Mac OS and Linux available which can send messages as standalone SMTP client.

What are Regify's advantages compared to traditional PKI (PGP, S/MIME etc.)?

Regify is an alternative technique and does not work in the same way as PGP or other PKI methods. The benefits are:

  • Regify is much easier to administer and to handle.
  • Regify generates a receipt confirmation.
  • Regify transactions are traceable and auditable at any time (history).
  • You only have to know someone's e-mail address and then, you can send this person a Regify e-mail.
  • You don’t need to actualize locking lists or certificate servers.
  • In the Satswana portal, you can add (delete) representatives. Thus, a user can have his important e-mails processed in a controlled manner during his absence.
  • Collective accounts can be processed in teams using the representative’s function.

Does the user have to install software?

No, but it is the easiest and most comfortable way to use Regify. Alternatively, a user can generate, send and open Regify e-mails directly from the Satswana portal. This is done at security levels equivalent to online banking.

Why is the Regify e-mail smaller in size than the size of attachments would suggest?

When creating Regify files, the contents are not only being encrypted but also compressed. Thus, Regify files can be smaller in size than the embedded original data.

Can I ensure all our Corporate emails are sent securely?

Please contact Satswana about our Regigate server. We can provide a gateway to work with your existing email server. Based upon your own defined rules, all outgoing external emails may be encrypted using the Regify technology. Similarly all incoming encrypted emails can be automatically decoded. Regigate can be seamlessly integrated into your network.

Account Management

Can I deactivate e-mail notifications for registering and receipt confirmation?

Yes. In the Satswana portal, you will find this option under "transaction" / "transaction settings".

I own multiple e-mail addresses. Does Satswana support this?

Yes. A Satswana account can handle multiple e-mail addresses. The user can enter up to five e-mail addresses using the Satswana portal. After registration, they simply need to confirm a new e-mail address by clicking on a link sent to that address.

Can I use one Satswana account with multiple users?

Yes, but please consider that every such user will have access to all respective Regify e-mails. In order to set a Regify account up in such a way, just enter the e-mail addresses of the users in the Satswana portal. As for notification e-mails, every user can enter the individual e-mail address to which such notifications should be sent. Then, a user will only receive notifications about Regify transactions that he started.

I forgot my password!

No problem. Satswana offers a "lost password?" link on the login-page. Click this link and follow the instructions.

I will be away for some time. Can I nominate a representative?

Yes. In order to nominate a person as your representative, this person has to also be registered as a Satswana user. You can enter the e-mail address of this person in the Regify portal at "user" / "enter representative". The representative will then be able to open Regify e-mails that you receive. Upon deletion of this entry, this right to open Regify e-mails will be withdrawn immediately. A representative is not allowed to send Regify e-mails on your behalf.

What is the best way to get the addressee to use Regify?

Read-only Regify users are always at no charge. Therefore, you should not hesitate to invite someone to Regify. You can invite them from inside the web portal or directly from within the Regify Add-In in your email client. Fill in the requested information about the new user, add a personal message and press “Invite now”. The person invited will receive your invitation by e-mail. Upon clicking the “Accept Invitation” link, they can open your Regify e-mails using the web portal. Alternatively, they can download and install the Regify software.

Can I transfer secure and binding information without using e-mail?

Yes. You can create a Regify file both in the web-portal and via your installed Regify software without sending it as an e-mail. Instead, you can transport the Regify file using USB-sticks, CD-ROM or other media. Only the desired addressee will be able to open it. Please use the option “create and download” in the web portal and download the created Regify file. Alternatively, you may also use the standalone client. Just open it using the Start menu, compile your message and press the second button “create and save Regify file” instead of the first one.

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