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Satswana solutions for E-Communications


Trusted and binding email

  • Turns e-mail into a secure electronic letter
  • Automatic confirmation of receipt allows transparency
  • Full audit trail
  • Can be traced at any point of time by the transaction register
  • Legally compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • Easy to integrate to existing e-mail solutions within the company
  • Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Thunderbird
  • Apps for Android or iPhone/iPad

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Send all your payslips by secure email

  • Works with most PayRoll software packages
  • Save time and staff costs
  • Once setup all pay slips can be sent within 5 minutes



Securely send invoices to your customers and get a read receipt when opened by your customer.



A secure Chat room that is fully auditable and provides a recording of all chats

Ensure you remain compliant and competitive with Regichat.



A fully auditable box for sharing documents between a group of users. Keeps a copy of all document revisions.



A gateway that offers fully automatic regimail encryption and decryption working as an SMTP enabled MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). It encrypts any outgoing standard e-mail message and decrypts any incoming regimail message, subject to your rules, thereby resolving the major issues for trusted e-mail communication


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